Saturday, September 4, 2010

a Martha moment...

Several years ago my daughter gave me a Martha Stewart book on wreath making. We had this idea that we would gather all sorts of stuff  from my garden to make wreaths and sell them. Yeah, that's probably never going to happen. Anyway.... while I was out this morning picking up pine cones and trimming back  the crap that grows on everything   the kudzu, I had this brilliant idea to make a wreath from my trimmings.
I brought the clippings to my potting shed and  started brain storming. O.K. it did not take much brain storming, I just started to weave it around in a circle.
It was easy.... but I sneezed.... a lot. Then before you know it I had this...

and because I can never leave well enough alone... I decided to add some of my beloved hydrangea's...
ta daaaa! My Martha moment.....I'm very interested to see what will happen when things start to dry. If its not too ugly, maybe I'll share.
Have a wonderful Holdiay weekend.


  1. Hi Mimi...i like your wreath, is wonderful!!!.wishing you a happy sunny sunday....lots of love............Ria......

  2. Oh, that is so lovely! Way to go "Martha"! Would love to know how it holds up...maybe I will give it a try!! That would be a lovely idea if you were going to be entertaining!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. I like the wreath, the hydrangeas are the best. I have taken oak leave branches and used them in the same way, they dried by Thanksgiving and lasted for the season.

  4. Beautiful wreath...very Martha!

  5. Very creative, Mimi! good for you!!!! Martha would be proud.

  6. Love your "Martha-kudzu" :) wreath!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  7. I wonder why no one does stuff with is so prolific nd Free!i