Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Wednesday....

I have been super busy with my little girlies in town for a visit! Loving every minute of it but boy..... not as easy to chase after these little ones as it used to be! Having oh so much fun tho. I am in a frenzy right now getting everything ready for our week long beach excursion. I admit I have a serious case of ocd about alot of things! Any who, I did not want to miss a chance to post some of my favorite white things of the week. Savannah took a serious bubble bath in my jacuzzi and she was thrilled with all the bubbles it cooked up for her! It is my favorite time of year in the garden and my gardenia's have started to bloom! oh! I wish you could smell them.They are truly beautiful but its the heavenly scent that makes them my favorite! I have served them up on my favorite white platter next to a favorite little white crusty hen.Hope you are having a wonderful wednesday everyone!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Play table for 2!...

Well as ya'll know my little girlies are heading to mimi's house for a visit! Over the years I have bought 2 table and chair sets but neither of them are at my house. A lady I work with was out working the yard sales this weekend and on Monday morning when she came in to work she said she had a present for my girlies! I followed her out to her car and found this cute little folding table and chair set for them. I love the fact that it folds up and I can stuff it in the closet when not in use!Although they were cute in the bright red and blue, to make them fit my color scheme better and to shabby chic them up just a bit I stopped and got some spray paint and a vinyl table cloth on the way home. I got out my handy drill and put the screwdriver bit on and got to work taking it all apart(that was really easy). I had them painted in no time and went to work recovering the seats and backs of the chairs. I had an old shower curtain that I saved exactly for this purpose. Then I cut the vinyl table cloth to fit the top secured that and set to work putting it all back together(not so easy)! In a couple of days there will be tea parties and coloring and reading happening at that little table and it just thinking about it gives me a little thrill! Thank you Pat!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Pretties....

Good Morning! Joyce over at I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE THINGS had this great idea to invite us all to blog about some pretty things today and I of course had to jump right on that bandwagon! The hard part was picking what pretties I was going to bring to show and tell today! I seem to remember having this problem in grade school too, always wanted to bring lots and lots of stuff to share with my friends! So after thinking about it for a minute... or two I thought I would show you the pretty little white eyelet dresses I just bought at my favorite place to find really good deals(TJMAXX of course!)My little girlies are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and we will be taking our annual week-long vacation at the beach. I had this picture of them running down the beach in these darling little dresses with sand between their toes and the ocean breeze fluttering these cute little numbers.It will probably end up a little different than that, more like snarled hair and wet sand but... a Mimi can dream! Then of course I've just got to show you my pretty aqua chairs.... one for the girlies and one for me of course! But then I spotted that sweet little cherub angel and she really wanted me to share her too..... So without further are my pretty little things...Have a wonderful Friday!