Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Play table for 2!...

Well as ya'll know my little girlies are heading to mimi's house for a visit! Over the years I have bought 2 table and chair sets but neither of them are at my house. A lady I work with was out working the yard sales this weekend and on Monday morning when she came in to work she said she had a present for my girlies! I followed her out to her car and found this cute little folding table and chair set for them. I love the fact that it folds up and I can stuff it in the closet when not in use!Although they were cute in the bright red and blue, to make them fit my color scheme better and to shabby chic them up just a bit I stopped and got some spray paint and a vinyl table cloth on the way home. I got out my handy drill and put the screwdriver bit on and got to work taking it all apart(that was really easy). I had them painted in no time and went to work recovering the seats and backs of the chairs. I had an old shower curtain that I saved exactly for this purpose. Then I cut the vinyl table cloth to fit the top secured that and set to work putting it all back together(not so easy)! In a couple of days there will be tea parties and coloring and reading happening at that little table and it just thinking about it gives me a little thrill! Thank you Pat!!



  1. Hello Mimi..may i come to play with you ??? nice done !! beautiful !!!!

    Hugs from Ria...happy day enjoy !!.........

  2. nothing is as versatile as a card table.

    we use ours for everything!

  3. Awww, cute! We had our own little table when I was little, I loved it! Important for the little ones to have their own place!

  4. So so sweet, your tables for two! The cutest. Your blog is lovely, hope you are having a lovely day. xx