Friday, May 27, 2011

A Summer bed...

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow for the beaches of North Carolina for a week.... thought it was a wonderful time to transition to the Summer bed.... new Simply Shabby sheets from Target are a wonderful crisp light weight cotton,  a mattelasse coverlet is all that is needed in this climate.... fresh and white... I love Summer... this is just one of the reasons why! Have a great week.. I know I will!


Friday, May 20, 2011

A Rustic~Chic Wedding...

The little girlies were excited... flipping their skirts up and dancing away in their little brown boots... the bride was dressing and putting the finishing touches on her make-up... the bridesmaids were dressed and pretty in their champagne dresses....

the groom and his posse were hanging out in the cabin out back... biding their time with a sip of brew...

The grounds of The Sutherland were perfect ... the weather was too...

here comes the bride.... with H.H. by her side... and such a handsome groom.

The ceremony took place in the walled garden, simple and sweet....

the new Mr. and Mrs. could not stop kissing....

there is something so bittersweet about having the last of your daughters get married... maybe more sweet than bitter!

Cocktail hour... then the bride and groom made their entrance.....

burlap bags of "Joe" for favors

guest book and programs

H.H. made this rustic box for the wine box ceremony!

My lovely daughters!

dancing and cake and cupcakes too!

the day was a smashing success... thank you to Jennifer Jones @ The Sutherland for your attention to detail and guidance... Thank you to our wonderful photographer Nicole Faby who captured the day as it unfolded and to Rev.Kayelily Middleton for her wonderful job officiating!

H.H. and I were proud and happy parents....happy that we only have 3 daughters.... and not more!

Congratulations Stephanie and Dan... wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Garden and what kind of Chicken??

Hi Ya'll!.... I have been super busy with all the Wedding festivities... I will share the details of the spectacular event soon... lets just say it was perfect and I can't wait to share with you.

This morning I was decompressing and decided to walk out to the garden to fill the bird bath and check the feeder... I was immediately greeted by the chicken who has taken up residence there, well actually she floats between my neighbors yard and mine. She hung around a lot last week when I had a house full of children and she seems to love company, she is very social and vocal. My questions is... what kind of chicken is she? can she survive on the bugs and worms she plucks out of the ground or does she need special feed? She only has one eye and her wings have been clipped so she can't fly. Where she came from is anybody's guess, but we do live out in the country and off in the distance I hear a rooster cock a doodle doing... If anyone can help me with these questions, I would so appreciate it! Anyway, I took a tour of the garden to share, Nellie (that is what I call her, gee I hope she is a girl) followed me for most of the tour. Spring is absolutely the best time in my garden... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great weekend!