Sunday, January 30, 2011

New TJ find....and.... some fluffing

My Mom and I were shopping in TJ Maxx and I stumbled upon this table, my Mom actually bought it and took it home to try it on.... it didn't fit... but I loved it and thought it needed to be tried on at my house. It has 2 removable trays.... I hadn't even realized this until after it had been purchased...I kind of like that idea... don't know if I'll ever use them that way but a nice option don't you think? I love,love,love the script on them and H.H. has decided it is the perfect table for his wine glass in the evening. If you look closely at it you can see that it looks like wine has already been spilled on it...honestly... it came that way. I love it and it was a real bargain at $39.99, it easy to move around and I'm sure that will happen  often .... I know I'm not alone with this disease!

my pretty new table inspired some fluffing....isn't that always the case... one thing leads to another! I put some green apples in a pottery bowl at the front entrance, made a new little vignette on the book shelf and put a pretty book with some yellow on the cover by my Pier 1 pears... I'm really feeling the yellow right now.... reminds me of the sun and Spring....

*As I side note to the new table and the fluffing.... now this is a big side note....
what comes in pairs besides shoes,socks,pants and mittens???
Babies do.... daughter #1 and daughter #2 are both expecting BABIES!! They are due 5 days apart in August.... so once I get daughter #3 married off in May, they'll be more projects on the horizon.... Nurseries to decorate! I am thrilled to pieces, being a mimi is the best job in the world!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Wonders....

Hoping you find some wonders in your weekend... I already have...
my amaryllis has reached her peak and she is wonderful.... I noticed the pot out on the deck has had some new green growth... I wonder.... does this mean Spring is not so far away? Hoping so, have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laundry days.....

I'm a laundry gal... I like clean laundry... I find it rather therapeutic.... you take something dirty and smelly and clean it up, fix it, fold and put neatly in its place... see.... therapeutic!

I'm sure you've already guessed that Whites are my favorite color to wash.... those actually give me the most satisfaction too....I use either Mrs. Meyers Basil or Lavender or Method peony blossom detergent, I really don't have a favorite between those three... I love them all equally. I use a lavender fabric softener and throw in one of those little pillows to boost the detergent and get out all the stains and make them really white.

I keep all my supplies in a galvanized tub on the washer, catches any drips or spills and easy to rinse out, I have clothes pins thrown in there too for hanging the delicates if you know what I'm saying...
Well.... enough about my fun for the day... whatcha doin?

p.s...I won my first giveaway! Tara over at Between you and Me picked little ole me as the winner of her CSN giveaway! I'm tickled pink.... guess you know what I'll be doing between loads of laundry!

Friday, January 7, 2011

the gloomy days of Winter....

I can't tell a lie....I am not a Winter person....I will take the heat and humidity any day over the cold, short,did I mention cold? days of Winter. After the Christmas holiday.... I'm just done. I'm already dreaming of the green bursting forth from trees and soil. Thankfully my paper whites have bloomed...I try to trick myself into thinking that Spring has sprung.... I look for sunshine everywhere.... just like my cat.....seeking it's warmth.

I always have green apples in my kitchen..... helps me with my game of make believe.....
what do you do.... to help you with the gloom of Winter?