Friday, January 7, 2011

the gloomy days of Winter....

I can't tell a lie....I am not a Winter person....I will take the heat and humidity any day over the cold, short,did I mention cold? days of Winter. After the Christmas holiday.... I'm just done. I'm already dreaming of the green bursting forth from trees and soil. Thankfully my paper whites have bloomed...I try to trick myself into thinking that Spring has sprung.... I look for sunshine everywhere.... just like my cat.....seeking it's warmth.

I always have green apples in my kitchen..... helps me with my game of make believe.....
what do you do.... to help you with the gloom of Winter?


  1. Well, first of all, the Paper Whites are so pretty and such a great idea, as are the green apples. I feel exactly like you do about winter. I love hot weather. I can tolerate winter until January 23 and then I start yearning for Spring! I try to trick myself with Spring-like things too. I just wish that it worked a little bit better... :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful paper whites !!...lovely weekend darling...let the spring begin......hahahhahh!! love Ria....xxxx....

  3. As much as it does not help with keeping the house warm I leave my shades up as high as I can to let in all the light. I have also been known to leave the lights on during the day, just don't tell my husband, he thinks the kids do it. Oh and I wanted to let you know I used my gift certificate and my treasure should be arriving soon. I will post and let you know, thank you again.

  4. I love your paperwhites...and the white china is such a great basic.
    Winter can be taxing, especially when the sun hides a lot...we have gloomy rain here and I yearn for the warm sunshine of summer...I totally empathize.

    My trick is to wear a colourful scarf or carry a bright the Pacific Northwest we get many grey days.

    Hope you have a fun filled weekend.

  5. Beautiful photos! I LOVE paperwhites!

  6. Your paperwhites are beautiful! Your green apples add such a nice touch of color.

    I draw or paint vibrant pictures, add a pop of bright color in my decorating, or sew some color into our lives! :)

    Have a warm-hearted day!

    XOXO Gloria

  7. I am not a winter person either Mimi...just bring on spring! Your home sure looks warm and cozy though and I love all your white dishes. Guess we just have to hang in there a little while longer...stay warm! ~Deb~ your new profile pic!