Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laundry days.....

I'm a laundry gal... I like clean laundry... I find it rather therapeutic.... you take something dirty and smelly and clean it up, fix it, fold and put neatly in its place... see.... therapeutic!

I'm sure you've already guessed that Whites are my favorite color to wash.... those actually give me the most satisfaction too....I use either Mrs. Meyers Basil or Lavender or Method peony blossom detergent, I really don't have a favorite between those three... I love them all equally. I use a lavender fabric softener and throw in one of those little pillows to boost the detergent and get out all the stains and make them really white.

I keep all my supplies in a galvanized tub on the washer, catches any drips or spills and easy to rinse out, I have clothes pins thrown in there too for hanging the delicates if you know what I'm saying...
Well.... enough about my fun for the day... whatcha doin?

p.s...I won my first giveaway! Tara over at Between you and Me picked little ole me as the winner of her CSN giveaway! I'm tickled pink.... guess you know what I'll be doing between loads of laundry!


  1. You actually are making me like laundry too ;)

  2. I like whites in linens and towels too...must try those little puffs...they look like a party in a jar :)

  3. Oh, do you want to come do mine. I love clean laundry, but despise doing it. It takes away from other things I would rather do. Love your bucket.

  4. Beautiful white fresh laundry today !! ....love Ria.......

  5. What are those little puffs? Would love to try them! You make me want to spruce up my laundry methods!

  6. I'm thinking along the same lines these days...white sales and re-doing my linen closets!

  7. you are a fancy laundry lady. i might enjoy it more
    if i had thought to assemble all those pretty helps.
    just tide and tide/w bleach for me. :)