Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yummy Sunday.....

Well.... todays post is all about food....

It has been sooo hot here its hard to think about much in the food dept.but... a girls gotta eat!
This morning hubby, Savannah and I started out with some fresh eastern peaches, I wait all year for June and the mouth watering sweetness of these babies... I mixed in some juicy strawberries and we were all happy campers!
We puttered around the  rest of the day with various projects,I have been working on  a story board for my youngest daughters wedding next Spring... more on that later, Savannah worked on writing her name, she is  starting kindergarten in the Fall! We are really enjoying her visit with us but she is heading back home next weekend. Anyway..... back to the food.... for supper I had planned a charred Romaine salad... I use Romaine hearts... wash them and take off the outer leaves, brush them with olive oil and grill, yes,grill them for 3-4 minutes to warm and char them. Sprinkle with glazed walnuts, dried cranberries,sauteed red onion and some blue cheese. Top it all off with some raspberry vinagrette. I can't tell how delish all the flavors are together... you really gotta try for yourself!
We topped off the meal with fresh green beans sauteed with olive oil, pine nuts and garlic and some sun dried tomato polenta! It was a very light and summery fresh meal. Yummo!
Hope you have  had a good weekend!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

puttering with an old shutter.....

well saturday is upon us again and I actually have some time this morning to devote to a couple projects I've been thinking about. A couple of years ago on our beach vacation I came accross a great junk shop. They had a bunch of old shutters stacked outside and I found one I had to drag home. I hung it on the wall in the living room and left in its original shape, really I barely brushed the spider webs off of it. It was a very dark green and pretty crusty with some metal hinges on the corners. I have always liked it like that but........
lately I've been thinking I would like to paint it a creamy white. Sooooo... off I ran to the basement to my personal paint store and see what I've got...score ... this should be perfect. A couple of hours later, my creamy crusty shutter is hanging back on the wall in the living room. I love it.... at least for now. Who knows... in a couple of years I may paint it black!

Hope you have a great Saturday!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Ceremony.....

Didn't mean to be away so long.... but Sand and Surf have kept me busy!! Oh it was a wonderful week. Relaxing on the beach, shelling,eating great family dinners, games, movies and just enjoying my people.

Aside from all those fun activities one thing really still stands 3 daughters plotted,planned, snuck around and surprised me and hubby with a surprise renewal of our wedding vows!(28 years today!)

After a day of playing on the beach I was in my room freshing up, I had stayed out on the beach longer than anyone else with Savannah. hmmmm, that should have tipped me off that something was up but... it didn't. Anyway, back to the story, they came busting into my room and asked me what dress I wanted to wear to my ceremony. I was stunned speechless! They had bought 2 dresses one white with ruffles and the other a lacey creamy color one that I thought was perfect for a ceremony in the sand.They had been planning this for a week and had brought or gone out to the store and bought all the supplies... Flowers,cake,champagne,food for a fabulous meal. They also had each gotten a white dress and bought a beautiful white linen shirt and tan linen shorts for their dad. The boys... son-in-law and future son in law also had white and tan. My little girlies wore... the little white dresses I had brought to the beach for them to take pic's in. The story gets better... my youngest daughter had gotten ordained on-line to make it seem more official and had written a whole ceremony.

They told me to get myself dressed and they took care of everything....It was simply the best surprise I have ever had and I will cherish that memory always. Special day..special people!