Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Ceremony.....

Didn't mean to be away so long.... but Sand and Surf have kept me busy!! Oh it was a wonderful week. Relaxing on the beach, shelling,eating great family dinners, games, movies and just enjoying my people.

Aside from all those fun activities one thing really still stands 3 daughters plotted,planned, snuck around and surprised me and hubby with a surprise renewal of our wedding vows!(28 years today!)

After a day of playing on the beach I was in my room freshing up, I had stayed out on the beach longer than anyone else with Savannah. hmmmm, that should have tipped me off that something was up but... it didn't. Anyway, back to the story, they came busting into my room and asked me what dress I wanted to wear to my ceremony. I was stunned speechless! They had bought 2 dresses one white with ruffles and the other a lacey creamy color one that I thought was perfect for a ceremony in the sand.They had been planning this for a week and had brought or gone out to the store and bought all the supplies... Flowers,cake,champagne,food for a fabulous meal. They also had each gotten a white dress and bought a beautiful white linen shirt and tan linen shorts for their dad. The boys... son-in-law and future son in law also had white and tan. My little girlies wore... the little white dresses I had brought to the beach for them to take pic's in. The story gets better... my youngest daughter had gotten ordained on-line to make it seem more official and had written a whole ceremony.

They told me to get myself dressed and they took care of everything....It was simply the best surprise I have ever had and I will cherish that memory always. Special day..special people!



  1. does your family love you or what?
    this brought tears to my eyes.
    best wishes on the next 28 years!

  2. How sweet and wonderful your girls are! They must have some very sweet and wonderful parents!
    It looks like perfect anniversary celebration. Congratulations!!!

  3. What thoughtful, sweet daughters you have! :)
    All of you look so beautiful!
    Congratulations on your anniversary!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate! :)

  4. Oh what a happy family, 28 yrs that is so nice to hear. I love to hear of long marriages. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

    I love the shed picture on the side.

  5. That is sooooo romantic. How lucky you are to have such sweet daughters!

    So nice to meet you...I am now a follower. Your home is so beautiful and peaceful.