Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No. 5

I have been having a little love affair lately..... with the number 5.
He seems to be popping up everywhere.  A couple years ago I found a sweet little chair at a flea market in Memphis, and it hitched a ride home with me. It spent the first year with its original oak stain. Then it was reincarnated as a flashy little turquoise number as seen in one of my earlier postings.
Now it has a number..... yes, you've guessed it... the No. 5.
I toted  him out to the deck and gave him a crisp brushing of white....
drew the No. 5 on with pencil....
banged him up a bit, and painted his name on him....

meet my new boyfriend.....No. 5
I think he is fabulous!
but who knows...... there might be a studly No. 6 just around the corner.



  1. What a nice idea....lovely post....number 5.....!!...love Ria........

  2. I too love the #5, and I prefer odd #'s. I love the little chair.

  3. I can't believe you did that "5" free hand! how cute!