Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sprucing up the entrances.....

I've been busy fluffing up the entrys to our home... H.H. and I always,always,always come in thru the garage....its kind of boring,bland and ugly. I decided to try and give it a little subtle charm, I said try....
The steps were disgusting I mean not painted, so I started there.... I made a trip to the paint store... AKA, my basement storage room and picked out a nice creamy leftover... slapped on a couple coats, and believe me, thats what I really did, I like to use the word "rustic" when I paint.... its very forgiving......I threw in the black numbers to spice things up just a bit....
added a handpainted fluer de lis to the door and voila....oh thats better.
now feeling somewhat better about that entry.... I moved on to the front of the house.
We like to sit out here in the evenings and have a sip or two of vino.... so I added some nice comfy pillows in colors that I think will transition nicely into the Fall and a nice big latern.
well.... my work here is done... think its time for that glass of vino now!
Have a great evening!


  1. Your front porch looks great. You did a nice job of fixing up the garage entrance, too. Ours is horrible. I need to do something in there when it gets cooler.

  2. Wowwww......what a great entrance !! you did a great job !! i really like it !!!.....happy day from me.....

  3. Love the white painted steps with numbers...very original! The front entry looks great too.

  4. Beautiful changes! Great job! :)
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  5. LOVE the numbered steps!! Wish I had some steps to do that to!!

  6. I love the steps! You did such a great job. I love your porch too...Kathy

  7. It is funny, like you, my family ALWAYS come in through our garage. In point of fact, I was horrified a few days ago when one of our neighbors came over and I noticed that there were cob webs when I opened one of our front doors. You did a great job with both entrances, but I especially like the numbered steps.

  8. Thank you for stopping by Southern Comfort in a Northern Life:) I LOVE Flipping Out. He is just too funny. Love Zoila the best! Jeffrey......can't you just hear her saying that?