Friday, July 30, 2010

Lamp Love.......

I was out running errands today.... when I just happened to find myself..... right in the same shopping center as Home Goods..... hmmm . .... do I have time to run in there and take a peak? yeah right... like I would pass that up! Any way I found some really fun things.... some Ralph Lauren bright orange sheets with little white flowers on them for daughter #3, some beautiful Michael Kors sheets in a soft grey for daughter #2 and this really great lamp for me! I have been looking for a new lamp for my office and I knew I wanted something neutral... but not boring. I just love the script on the shade.....
it adds a little interest but remains neutral. oh yeah.... I found a really yummy caramel candle too, a little aroma therapy can't hurt anyone!!

Have a great weekend my blogging peeps!


  1. Hi Mimi...that lamp is amazing...........!!!.......wishing you a good Ria.....

  2. What a beautiful lamp! Love it! I love Home Goods too, they get me every time!

    I have a couple of lamps on my blog today. With golden lighting...:)
    Have a great weekend!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  3. I looked at those lamps, too a Home Goods the other day, but bought my Santos cage doll instead for the same price as the lamp.

  4. I love that lame, very Ballard Designs. Home Goods is such a wonderful store, I try to visit as often as I can.

  5. Mimi,
    Oh, who can ever resist a trip through Home Goods. It's where I get so many of my props for photo styling for magazines. However, I don't take much of it home--I like to keep things simple there.

    Love the script-y lamp! It's a perfect addition to your office.
    Have a great weekend.
    Cyber hug,

  6. OH I LOVE IT!! I have to go check out my TJMAX Home Goods store now! I love the script! It does look like a shade from Ballard Designs or Restoration Hardware. They also have to best quality sheet sets! I am ready to go shopping now! Ha!

  7. Lamp love for sure, what a lucky find!

  8. Great lame, lamp, oh well, I type too fast. I like the multi talented, I am definately a multi taskere though. Have a great week.