Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fabulous Finds ........

Yesterday I went on a little adventure with my Mom.... a friend of mine told me about a place called Vintage Village. A collection of little shacks and out buildings chock full of  stuff.... stuff of all kinds. Old fireplace surrounds and mantels, windows,balusters,corbels,furniture,linens,dishes and the list goes on. Yea, fun adventure.... we poked around for about an hour and I came away with a couple of really rustic finds that I plan on using for my daughters wedding next spring. She's got the whole rustic/chic theme going on and my mind has grabbed a hold of that like a lion does a piece of meat!(wow, that was graphic)
Anyway back to my finds.... the most perfect rusty old rake, haven't really worked out yet how we are going to use that but.... I have a lot of ideas swirling in the old noggin. Also found an old shoe shine box or tool box that will be perfect to hold her favors.
For the time being I have found a temporary home for both these items so that I can enjoy them.I put the rake on my dining room table..... yes, you heard me correctly. I can't wait till H.H. comes home and asks me why there is a rake on the table! Actually he is probably past asking questions by now. Anyway no telling how long it will stay there, but it is amusing me for the moment.  And the box has found  a spot in the living room, next to H.H.'s favorite leather chair, holds the remote and his cigar journals, seems  appropriate,don't you think??

Both of these items were found one of the stores @ Vintage Village.I'm sure I'll go back for many more little field trips to this fun place!


  1. Beautiful finds............HAHAHHAHAH !! That rake on the are a funny girl............happy summer Ria....

  2. so many lovely treasures and a special day with
    your mom!

    thank you for sharing.

  3. How fun to stun your husband with the rake decoration on the dining room table!! Wish I were an fly on the wall!!! I have a lovely old rake similar to that that hangs in my garage, waiting for a reason to be. I must start to think about how to use it. You've inspired me for the future...I'll hope to post about it!