Monday, July 26, 2010


It always surprises me how a few days away, can refresh,and renew you. The beach does this for me.

 No house to clean... no meals to cook...well, not this trip anyway... just the sound of the water beating the shore.

 Spending time with the people who are the core of who I am. I wasn't ready to leave after only a few days..... but it was a quick get away after all. We got home safely...... and I quickly unpacked.....

slipped down to the garden and cut some of my beloved hydrangeas....the soft faded look of summer is best expressed by them.... I grabbed a few of my favorites....

found a soft place to land........

and continued to......




  1. Welcome home.............beautiful pictures...i like your flower......wishing you a happy Ria....

  2. I'm going to have to do a post for you...about my books...I'll bet we have many of the same ones :)

  3. That sand almost looks like snow. I had to look twice. I love your new white covers for your furniture They look like they are upholstered? but you have all of the spots covered for washing. The pillows and arms of the pieces. Beautiful!

  4. Hello! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! You have a lovely blog! Where is this picture taken on the beach? I want to go there!! I also love the wreath on your door!!

  5. Mimi~Hello! I just saw your comment and thought I would come say hello!

    I love the beach and can't wait for our trip late August.A lil Sand in your toes does somethin for the soul.~Cheers Kim