Saturday, September 11, 2010

starting to feel like Fall....

H.H. got up bright and early this morning to go out and work on the yard.He turned on the sprinkler system for a couple of hours... then it was time to aerate and seed...sure sign that it is September and almost Fall around here. Reluctant to give up on summer I have conceded to bringing in some Fall touches here and there....
I packed away the shells for now.... pulled out the dried artichokes and pods....
also this year I am crazy about jute twine,string,rope and burlap ribbon..... H.H. just thinks I'm crazy...
who puts string in bowls and platters...
it adds a rustic quality which I am really digging.
they are small changes.... but that will help to ease me into the season.

hope you are having a great "almost Fall" weekend!

P.S.  Yesterday while  I was forced to go out and shop I found the twin to my lamp with the script shade that I posted about earlier. Twins seperated @ birth have been reunited! Best part, got her on clearance!! They decided to share a room so I moved them both into the dining room on the buffet.


  1. I love the look you have going with the string, etc. Neat!!

  2. Like the idea of decorating with twine for fall! I have some decorating my desk! Your lamps look great together!

  3. Love the twin lamps and, of course, you can decorate with balls of string and twine! Doesn't everyone?

  4. I love the texture, and tactile feel the twine adds to your rustic Fall scene! Your elegant chairs and candles bring it all up a notch though...very pretty!
    Your lamps look great as twins!!!

    After all of our years of being married my husband has learned that sometimes it doesn't pay to ask why I need certain items to decorate with...:) He just knows it makes me happy!

  5. Mimi, I love using twine and strings to decorate with too. Anything out of the ordinary I say. I love those lamps. I had seen them at Home Goods a while back.

  6. Hey Mimi, I love your lamps...sadly we have no Home Goods or I would be searching for them too! Glad you found the twin though and your bowl of twine is awesome!!! Deb