Friday, July 30, 2010

Lamp Love.......

I was out running errands today.... when I just happened to find myself..... right in the same shopping center as Home Goods..... hmmm . .... do I have time to run in there and take a peak? yeah right... like I would pass that up! Any way I found some really fun things.... some Ralph Lauren bright orange sheets with little white flowers on them for daughter #3, some beautiful Michael Kors sheets in a soft grey for daughter #2 and this really great lamp for me! I have been looking for a new lamp for my office and I knew I wanted something neutral... but not boring. I just love the script on the shade.....
it adds a little interest but remains neutral. oh yeah.... I found a really yummy caramel candle too, a little aroma therapy can't hurt anyone!!

Have a great weekend my blogging peeps!

Monday, July 26, 2010


It always surprises me how a few days away, can refresh,and renew you. The beach does this for me.

 No house to clean... no meals to cook...well, not this trip anyway... just the sound of the water beating the shore.

 Spending time with the people who are the core of who I am. I wasn't ready to leave after only a few days..... but it was a quick get away after all. We got home safely...... and I quickly unpacked.....

slipped down to the garden and cut some of my beloved hydrangeas....the soft faded look of summer is best expressed by them.... I grabbed a few of my favorites....

found a soft place to land........

and continued to......



Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing says Summer better.....

One of my favorite things to eat in the dog days of summer is cold pasta salad....
throw a little chicken on the grill or some burgers and wow! quick and easy dinner.
I like to use penne but... no rules here, use whatever you want.... add a can of sliced black olives
and some chopped celery and red onion....I also toss in some chopped hard boiled eggs....
 whip up the dressing in a separate bowl... I don't really measure anything I just kind of guesstimate here
depending on how much of the other ingredients I used...  I like the olive oil mayo,a couple 3 tablespoons of milk and cider vinegar,salt and lots of pepper. Whip it all up and toss with the pasta and veggies, if you don't have enough... make some more. Chill for a couple of hours so that all the flavors have a chance to get to know each other.
and voila! It has to be said..... "yummo"!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Whites in the living room.....

Well today seems like a good day to show you what has been going on in my living room. A couple of weeks ago Mr. upholsterer came and picked up my sofa to give it a face lift.... a white face lift!

I bought the fabric over the phone as our local mill store didn't have any in stock.... so, that was a little scary but... you really can't go wrong with white cotton duck. I wanted it kind of heavy, strong enough to with stand a lot of washing.

I love,love,love how it turned out and am busy working on some burlap pillows to mix in with the green ones. But then you know how it goes, you start looking at the rest of the room that needs a little tweaking too. I think I need a different lamp and the bookshelves definately need a little work, more white on them I think. But I love how the room has evolved and I love the white with the dark floors.It feels so fresh and summery.Well you know how it goes.... its a work in progress!
I'll keep you posted..
Happy WW!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fabulous Finds ........

Yesterday I went on a little adventure with my Mom.... a friend of mine told me about a place called Vintage Village. A collection of little shacks and out buildings chock full of  stuff.... stuff of all kinds. Old fireplace surrounds and mantels, windows,balusters,corbels,furniture,linens,dishes and the list goes on. Yea, fun adventure.... we poked around for about an hour and I came away with a couple of really rustic finds that I plan on using for my daughters wedding next spring. She's got the whole rustic/chic theme going on and my mind has grabbed a hold of that like a lion does a piece of meat!(wow, that was graphic)
Anyway back to my finds.... the most perfect rusty old rake, haven't really worked out yet how we are going to use that but.... I have a lot of ideas swirling in the old noggin. Also found an old shoe shine box or tool box that will be perfect to hold her favors.
For the time being I have found a temporary home for both these items so that I can enjoy them.I put the rake on my dining room table..... yes, you heard me correctly. I can't wait till H.H. comes home and asks me why there is a rake on the table! Actually he is probably past asking questions by now. Anyway no telling how long it will stay there, but it is amusing me for the moment.  And the box has found  a spot in the living room, next to H.H.'s favorite leather chair, holds the remote and his cigar journals, seems  appropriate,don't you think??

Both of these items were found one of the stores @ Vintage Village.I'm sure I'll go back for many more little field trips to this fun place!