Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making of a Nursery Part I

Well if you remember I have 2 new grand babies on the way.. #2 daughter lives close by and we are so lucky to help her with the making of  the Nursery... she is having a little boy... ( cheers and whistles here please). She has a wonderful little room for him upstairs which was just builder beige with beige carpet.. a nice clean slate as far as I'm concerned. They have decided to do a board and batten treatment..... I have no idea where they came up with this brilliant idea.... but I'm on board..( no pun intended!). The first thing that H.H. and SIL did was remove the base board... they added a 4 inch board... pre-painted around the base and every 14 inches added the battens.. or no is that the boards.. well anyway... they were a few times the measurement was not the exact 14 inches... wall outlets... closet doors... you get the picture.  5 inch board on top of the battens or is that battens on top of the board,  whatever... we ended up with this after day 1. I can't wait to see it painted with white semi-gloss and then we are moving on to the paint color above the treatment... don't have a clue yet what that is going to be... expectant mom's they can kind of be all over the place...go figure. We'll keep you posted as we progress.(please ingnore all the wood filler and unpainted walls, I promise, its going to look great!)


  1. Love the look of board and batten. Cannot wait to see the finished room!


  2. I would LOVE to do that in Annie's room!

  3. I did that in my guest bedroom 20 years ago...only I used narrower boards. Looks like paneling but isn't...inexpensive to do.

    Looking forward to seeing part 2!

  4. we just did that to my daughter's house for her baby. We painted the walls first though, gray above and semi gloss white below. And we primed all the boards before putting them up. Then we caulked and painted the semi gloss again. It turned out great and she LOVES it!