Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing in the garden....

It is a gorgeous sunny, warm, feels like Spring kind of day....I'm heading out to play in the garden....
clean up the beds...cut a few things back and check on the progress of all things about to bud.... yes, its a beautiful day to spend in the garden. Hoping ya'll find a little Spring to celebrate today!


  1. Beautiful tulips Mimi......happy weekend

  2. wish i could, but know from experience it is WAY
    to early even though we are having a false spring.

    have fun in yours!!!

  3. Tulips always make it feel like spring...glad your weather is lovely enough to go outside...we're enjoying plenty of sunshine and heat this week...we're on the beach with mid-70s and the buds on the bougainvillea that were killed off by frost in January are beginning to show signs of life :)

  4. Tulips (and hydrangeas) are my favorite! So beautiful!

  5. Beautiful tulips Mimi! We still have so much snow and it's so sign of spring yet! Enjoy your week Mimi! ~Deb~