Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rolling Pebble....

Because we are not busy enough with Christmas right around the corner and family and friends coming for a visit.... H.H. and I decided it was time to paint the kitchen....yup... needed to get that done right now. I have been pondering this for a while, this is not a sudden or rash decision. I have been oogling all the grays out there in blog land and  decided to do some version there of. I picked a Behr paint in a matte finish with a primer and paint in one. The color is Rolling Pebble and I am very happy with my choice! yay! no painters remorse! It was a long day to say the least but loving the way it changed the feeling in the room. It's really kind of a Greige color and I feel it updated the space. It goes wonderfully with the granite and well, somehow even makes the Maple cabinets which disgust me which are not my favorite, seem more bearable. So for about 30 bucks,an aching back and a days labor.... taadaa... new and improved kitchen!



  1. Looks great mimi...the cabinets do not bother me.
    They look like they have a pickled distressed patina to them.
    You might find now that the walls are a new tone that you will embrace and love the space.

  2. Now that is a grey that even I can live with! What a pretty soft color. And it looks great with all your decor.
    I just had to come and visit a blog that had the word vanilla in it... my favorite!

  3. The new color looks great. Lucky you to hit a winner on the first try! Sometimes picking out just the right color is the hardest part.


  4. Wonderful choice, Mimi! So sophisticated and calming...love the word "griege"...such a true word for what it represents.