Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's White and its not even Wednesday....

Last weekend something happened that almost never happens here in North Carolina...well in my neck of the woods anyway..
It snowed...not much... maybe an inch.... it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a walk in the woods and cut down the Charlie Brown tree.We did this last year and I fell in love with our little scrawny tree.
 It's hard to recreate something that perfect... but I think we least to me anyway.  We headed out into the cold...with our boots and wraps we were bundled....there were so many to choose from... who would get the glory?
H.H. spotted him.....yes he is the one I said,he wielded the saw and we brought him home. We were definitely feeling the Christmas spirit, Maggie.... not so much! 
We decorated our little CB tree, and  one for mimi's little girlies too...

There is still much to do....but I'm enjoying it ... hope you are too!


  1. It seems very Christmasy with your cat!
    Charlie Brown trees are the kind of tree that we have, we just go and find ours at a nursery nearby.

  2. Your landscape is so magical with the slight snow cover!!! How lovely to have that just in time for Christmas!

  3. Thae top photo is so cute! I know! it snowed here today too, and we are supposed to get more snow tonight! I hope so!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Beautiful!!! Love that white dusting of snow...:) It looks like you made some wonderful memories on that lovely walk through your forest & snow!
    You decorated your trees so pretty!

    Have a happy weekend...
    xoxo Gloria