Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's new around the house and garden.....

As always the change of seasons has inspired other changes...mixing up the vignettes,moving things around....a new thing here,a little something there....and of course a pretty bouquet are really all that is wanted needed to breath some fresh air into the house. I adore this time of year with the warm weather and things bursting forth in the garden....in fact I can easily spend most of the day putzing around out there with my hands in the dirt or pulling weeds in the rock garden and admiring all that is blooming or about to. Have you been inspired to make any changes?


  1. such pretty springtime vignette! your hydrangea's
    about to bloom!

  2. hey there, you've been gone so long! Glad to see you've emerged from winter :) Pretty plantings...inspiring. I think it's time for me to toss the Easter lily. Does that count for making changes? :)