Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year... New Look....

January always signals some updates and changes on the home front....after painting all the bathroom cabinets this summer I have been itching to change out the tile in our master bath to something a little more master worthy....our house is 9 years old and we bought it as a spec home so I didn't have any input on many things....we have over the years ripped out tile floors,wood floors and carpet and counter tops and added trim and molding and paint to many a room. I think this should make a significant update without gutting the entire room.We have chosen to leave the tile as is on the floor and just picked the new tile for the tub and shower surround to compliment it. A oatmeal color subway tile will be the most predominate with multi color smaller tiles for the shower floor and niche,with a accent tile around the tub for interest and as a medallion in the niche. The multi color tiles are oatmeal,bronze,grey and charcoal,our floor is the same bronze color as in the new multi color tiles to tie all the tiles together. We will also be painting the walls with Behr Castle path,a light grey/beige that again unifies and lightens the space. We are having a new glass surround installed with the thicker glass and nice handle....that will most certainly help to give it the royal treatment. Of course you know all this new will also towels,new rugs....well, it's a new year....just rolling with it!



  1. Happy NEW Year!!! Lookin' good.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Harrison Home! I love your holiday decorations from previous posts!! And the new tile will look beautiful!