Friday, October 7, 2011

Monthly Change up...

I've lived in my house for almost 9 years now... longest I've ever lived anywhere. For the first 8 1/2 years I left the furniture in the living room the same way.. thought it was the only way.. well in the last 5 months I've moved it around 3-4 times.. each time I like it a little more. I think I finally feel like it is where it should be... tho,who knows how I'll feel next month. I added a little color in the pillows for Fall and a pink candle... I'm really digging Raspberry this year, it is sure to pop up in a few more places around the house.

then... I got a wild hair I had a great idea, to move the pub table downstairs to the lower level kitchen, H.H. will enjoy having it down there for Football season... and I moved a little loveseat I had up in the bonus room into the kitchen.. H.H. was not really following my plan here, but he lugged it down the stairs for me anyway. I found the perfect small black pedestal table on craig's list for $100 bucks and I'm using miss matched chairs for a little fun. I'm loving my new kitchen hang out... who knows what I feel like next month will bring!


  1. Ooooh, I see that magic #5 there on the top of that stool!

    Lovely change-up!! I've moved south to my Florida vibe for the winter...always to much fun to make the changes.