Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peter Piper picked a peck of pillows.....

How many pillows are in a peck anyway? I seriously love pillows, and I'm not a pillow snob. I pick up pillows anywhere from Pier One to T.J. Maxx. I have pottery Barn and Ballard design pillows, pillows I've made myself. You can completely change a look of a room just by changing up your pillows. Of course, silly me, you all already know that because most of you have the same afflictions as me. I drag pillows from one room to the other and introduce them to each, if they play nice together, they can stay a while... but I tell them to not get too attached as they will surely be moving again soon.  I have a whole pile of pillows on the daybed in my office, so when the  mood strikes I can flop on them to rest.

In the guest bedroom which has all white bedding, of course the pillows are white, I love me some white quilted pillows. I also have the lone burlap pillow I have managed to make, one of these days I'll get around to making the other 2 or 10 I have burlap for.
I know its hard to believe but I only have one decorative pillow in my bedroom, it sits in front of the other 5!
I love it's perfect French Blueness and its perfect paisleys. She is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Then there is the green collection. I found the one on the burlap chair @ Home Goods I believe and I made the other 2 years ago, they come and go from the retirement home closet. I love the fabric on them. The green velvet pillows with the G monogram are from Ballard design, and this week we added a new friend to the family.... the white Duck FARGO pillow. I ordered him from a little shop called Funky Junque, located in my hometowns of Fargo ND and Moorhead MN.
I never or rarely ever toss out a pillow.... I like to save them because you never know when one will need to come out of hiding and start the rounds again. Sometimes there remade with new fabric, sometimes they just come as they are and I love them all over again!

Hope you have a lovely weekend..... I'm off to polish the silverware... you know Thanksgiving is coming!



  1. What a lot !!! of beautiful pillows!!..........Mimi.......i lobe them...........lovely weekend.....warm hugs from me Ria....

  2. You live in padded heaven! Love your passion for pillows...I have a bit of it, too. I'm particularly fond of your newcomer, the Fargo pillow! I was born in Fargo, N. D., went to a private high school there--a couple years. Graduated from Concordia in Moorhead and used to work at the FM Hotel in the early sixties :)

  3. Oh yes...I'm a pillow addict too! It's fun to change them out with the seasons. Lovin' your new Fargo pillow! ~Deb~

  4. ooooh thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore yours! Look at all this pillow cuteness! ADORABLE! Please come see me often!

  5. I love them! I have a closet of pillows I keep just in case ;-)! Love the quilted ones you have!!