Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gone Graphic..

Lately I have been loving bold graphic prints... I love to mix neutral grays,beige and white with a strong graphic for interest... I might add that some color has been sneaking in here and there too. Since my style is ever evolving keeping all the key pieces neutral is the only way to go. What are you feeling lately?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chevron~gray~ teal and neutrals...

I have been working on the Master bedroom .... the walls were already painted with Sherwin Williams Everyday Green... love it! It is a very soothing color and the perfect background for gray and neutrals. I purchased the 2 gray wing backs from Overstock.com they are the Biltmore wing chairs. Love em! great price and surprisingly good quality! The little chest between the two chairs has been passed down on hubby's side of the family and got a wash of creamy paint... we have had it for years and the more beat up it gets the better I like it. The mirror was gifted as payment for helping someone style their dining room... very fun piece, love mixing the ornate with simple.. it is so me. I found the perfect little lamp in teal glass from Home Goods, as well as the chevron glass box. It created a nice little sitting area in the bedroom perfect for chillaxin... yes, that is a word. I kept the artwork neutral, 2 sea shell prints were also found at Home Goods, love the Charcoal mat on them, I stacked them above a little table and set a iridescent coral bowl on top to catch odds and ends. I haven't gotten any new bedding.. thinking about adding a little gray to mood it up for the Fall and Winter.. what do you think? Bamboo shades and drop cloth drapes for the windows were both economical and stylish. Feel like this room is pretty much done... yeah... right!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Home...

 I'm baaack..... from a long blogging break... so much has happened since my last post! Sold our home,bought a new one,moved in ,unpacked and .... working on each and every room making it feel like home! We downsized less than we expected to but we still lost about 800 sq. feet so there was some decisions to make about what to keep and what would go. Of course it would be wonderful if everything you had in one house fit perfectly into the new house, but some things just don't work like that. I had to say good-bye to my dining room chairs and buy new ones... the back were just too darn high and stopped the flow of your eye from room to room. Our new floor plan has no boundries and the dining room,living room,breakfast room and kitchen are all open to each other so... I wanted the furnishings to seamlessly flow from room to room.. are you following me? A new lamp here... maybe a few new pillows, oh yeah... some new chairs for the breakfast room table... you are understanding.. I see you nodding your head, one thing leads to another! Anyway... this is defiantly a work in progress, but...there is no rush. Here is a few snippits of the new place.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's new around the house and garden.....

As always the change of seasons has inspired other changes...mixing up the vignettes,moving things around....a new thing here,a little something there....and of course a pretty bouquet are really all that is wanted needed to breath some fresh air into the house. I adore this time of year with the warm weather and things bursting forth in the garden....in fact I can easily spend most of the day putzing around out there with my hands in the dirt or pulling weeds in the rock garden and admiring all that is blooming or about to. Have you been inspired to make any changes?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Color therapy....

The Winter doldrums have set in.... I'm in need of a little color to cheer me up and pull me thru until the Spring flowers start to bloom. I'm sharing these colors to brighten up the day... hope it works for you too!