Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making of a Nursery Part I

Well if you remember I have 2 new grand babies on the way.. #2 daughter lives close by and we are so lucky to help her with the making of  the Nursery... she is having a little boy... ( cheers and whistles here please). She has a wonderful little room for him upstairs which was just builder beige with beige carpet.. a nice clean slate as far as I'm concerned. They have decided to do a board and batten treatment..... I have no idea where they came up with this brilliant idea.... but I'm on board..( no pun intended!). The first thing that H.H. and SIL did was remove the base board... they added a 4 inch board... pre-painted around the base and every 14 inches added the battens.. or no is that the boards.. well anyway... they were a few times the measurement was not the exact 14 inches... wall outlets... closet doors... you get the picture.  5 inch board on top of the battens or is that battens on top of the board,  whatever... we ended up with this after day 1. I can't wait to see it painted with white semi-gloss and then we are moving on to the paint color above the treatment... don't have a clue yet what that is going to be... expectant mom's they can kind of be all over the place...go figure. We'll keep you posted as we progress.(please ingnore all the wood filler and unpainted walls, I promise, its going to look great!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

first blooms...

Today I'm celebrating the first blooms of Spring and thanking God for the safety of my family living in Japan.
Praying for all those who have suffered loss and devastation from the earthquakes and tsunami's that followed. Again I am reminded of the importances of FAMILY and the delicate thread of life.
Take time today to smell the flowers and celebrate your family.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Master Redo...

A couple of weeks ago I helped my daughter pick a paint color for her master bedroom... she found  some beautiful new bedding with a soft gray and gorgeous yellow sheets.. her drapes are a Carmel color and she has a shaggy rug that is the Carmel color as well, her pictures above the bed also pull in the Carmel color. I thought a beautiful lighter gray would be perfect and she jumped on board, it's called Cityscape by Valspar, paint and primer in one. H.H. and daughters hubby went to work one Saturday morning and knocked it out by a little after noon, she is preggers so no fumes for her and I'm out of the painting business these days... too hard on the old body... I did help her re- assemble the room and fluff... I love the way it turned out... just enough neutral with pops of color .... that girl.... she can love some color.... she is going to paint the master bath a darker charcoal color to tie the rooms together, she has some pink and yellow in there as well. I think it suits their young vibrant personalities well...
Have a wonderful weekend, I am busy finishing up the wedding invites for daughter #3 wedding that go out next week!